Want to take it with you?

You can buy most of my work on society6 or Redbubble! I’m loading new drawings regularly. There are many forms available (iPhone cases, tote bags, wall clocks, pillows, post-cards…), have a look! It looks awesome!

So have a look at: my society 6 profile , and at my Redbubble profile

And to give you an idea of how it looks like, here are some pics:

17903211_8400130-plwfr2_pm 19320793_4922366-plwfr2_pm21418025_7170745 22548309_11994191 t-shirt.jpg22516010_11407118-bagtote16_pm


Is there a drawing you’d like to get on society6 but that isn’t there yet? Ask me, I’ll upload it!

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